Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My favorite Burrito in Chicago

-Eating like a Mayan King in the Windy City

I suppose I should of changed the topic from today's post to "eating like a drunken frat boy in the Windy City" We all know that the taco is the authentic dish of choice. The burrito just might be the King of drunken late night eats here in the good old USA. If your town doesn't have a late night burrito shack then you must not have many bars. The popular late nite burritos in California-especially San Diego- are stuffed with carne asada, cheese, sour cream and french fries. In fact burritos are big all around California and pretty much any college town. Some of these places try to lure customers by making "burritos as big as your head" and as noted above by throwing anything and everything in them. Personally I'm not big on burritos and Chicago in general is more of a taco town as opposed to the people of Cali who love their burritos. There is one spot however that if I pass by I have a hard time not picking up a burrito from and this is even when I'm sober. As featured here in the taco segment, el gallo bravo #5 also does up an amazing burrito and is the only spot I ever order a burrito over tacos at.

Steak Tacos were already scored in the carne asada cat.

While the steak at el gallo bravo inst char grilled over flames like I insist it be, it is my favorite steak that isn't prepared this way. I normally wouldn't order steak unless its real chopped up carne asada but EGB does a real nice job of chopping their steak into real small pieces and then letting it get crunchy while cooking on the flattop. So because of their technique in prepping it they avoid pieces of steak that taste steamed rather than grilled or griddled. Its by no means my favorite taco joint in the area but it is where I go when I'm feeling like a burrito done up my way.

steak burrito from EGB

If I'm in the mood for a American-Mexican then I want my burrito filled with steak, rice, cheese, onions and cilantro along with slices of avocado. Its my version of a West Coast style Mexican dish, not quite as authentic as the real stuff but still really good especially if you want to get filled up. Its a massive size and the cooks dont skimp on the meat and always crisp up the outside tortilla to perfection. I dont like their green sauce but the roja salsa is very good and a perfect compliment to this particular burrito. El Gallo bravo serves up a tasty burrito that can even get a die hard taco fan like myself to try one every now and then. Don't lets its presence in a strip mall scare you off. Its a pretty good option in an area where there isnt many.

My favorite in the city

El Gallo Bravo #5
1429 W Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL 60613-1348
(773) 404-5358

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