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Late Night Thai

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the Hipsters eat.

Its not too often you find a food spot who's hours are 9p-5a. Its pretty obvious that Late Night Thai was aiming to serve the drunks and shade balls of Chicago when they opened up over a year ago. Located in the Lakeview neighborhood on Belmont it is located in the spot that used to occupy the legend that is River Kwai II. Just like RKII its idea is to offer the clubbers and night hounds something other than hot dogs, pizza and Mexican food into the early hours of the morning. While I am no Thai expert I know enough of it too say that this place wont be anyone's favorite Thai joint in a city with some good ones, but it might be your favorite spot for food after 3am.

Hours are 9pm to 5am

I've been over to LNT a few times since its opening and have had something different each time. The first thing that I noticed was kind of weird was the fact its pretty well lit inside and that can be annoying after a night of partying. The food however does come out fast and it a BYOB so why not bring a few cold ones and sip them down while eating some Thai food in between bar stops. Now I will say that the best part of my visits weren't the food but the little girl who's family runs it. She's maybe 3 or 4 years old and is probably the cutest little kid I've ever seen and so friendly. Its worth stopping in just if shes there's but that was over summer and I'm sure shes not going to be there at night this winter. Here are a few of the items I've tried.


^These were your typical frozen stickers but they were fried nicely and can be appetizing at 3:30a after a few too many John Daley's.

Chicken Pad Thai

^The Pad Thai is not their strongest dish. I know you might be thinking then what do they do good? Well I'm not a frequent eater of Pad Thai I didn't like this version very much compared to other places around town. I would also suggest going with beef or shrimp when making your choice. I didn't find the chicken good and wouldn't get it again.

Crazy Beef Lard Nar

^I love me some stir fried wide rice noodles and anything spicy. While this dish was listed as spicy I didn't find any heat to it whatsoever. I thought it was also just ok and have had better versions at many other joints...but not after 2am.

Late Night Fried Rice

^On my most recent trip there a few months back I finally found my go-to item. Should I ever make it back there in the wee hours of the a.m then the Late Night fried rice with shrimp, peas, carrots, corn and green beans all in a special sauce will be my choice again. Was it the best fried rice dish I have ever had? nope. It was however pretty satisfying and something I would order again if I'm in the area or have a fried rice craving that hits me after midnight.

I checked out Yelp! and like usual its about half and half as far as satisfaction reviews. I tend to agree with the people who like it for what it is, a late night Thai joint in an area where there isn't anything else open too late.

Late Night Thai
1650 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 327-9945

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