Monday, August 24, 2020


-Grubbing in Chicago
New to the 'Scene'

Here's another hot spot with connections to Chicago's Michelin starred Oriole restaurant. The recently opened Kasama occupies the old Winchester space in Ukrainian Village. It's ran by a husband and wife team who worked at Oriole prior to opening Kasama. As reported at Eater they sold out of food completely on their first day as legions of friends and fans came out for the couples chef driven Filipino food cooked by him and fresh baked pastries cooked by her. The menu is small but mighty.

 Recently Opened in Ukrainian Village 

For now Kasama feels like it does when you just move into somewhere new. Much of this is due to the current pandemic and thus there is no indoor dining at the moment. That said they have a beautiful patio in the back that customers can use and there's not going to be a better time this year to use it than right now. So I suggest taking advantage of it while you can. But even if you're looking for takeout the food seems to be the type that can withstand some travel. The pastries for sure.

 a peek inside 

Customers can browse a menu in the doorway and then walk in where you're immediately greeted by the pastry display case and someone ready to take your order. The baked options are pretty overwhelming and from the looks of them you cant go wrong picking any of them as you'll read down below. As for the Filipino food there's only a few options but I feel like that could change as they settle in. For now they do a classic Chicken Adobo as well as a vegetarian mushroom version. My mind was made up when I saw they're also offering a traditional Filipino breakfast of longanisa and or tocino (thinly sliced marinated pork) with a fried egg and garlic rice. One of my favorite ways to start the day and this version was as good as it gets. Particularly the house loganisa which ate like a hot link.

 Filipino Breakfast at Kasama

We also got some delicious pork lumpia egg rolls paired with a chocolate chip cookie from that kick ass pastry case. Speaking of which that ham and cheese danish (pictured below with a luscious cinnamon roll) is Paris quality good. Eater said it may be the best new bite in the city and that's not a claim I'm going to dispute. The combination of raclette, and shaved Serrano ham on a danish is indeed one of the best thing's I've ate of late. I really hope we can get our act together as a country and get covid contained so that places like Kasama can get back to what they had planned before it's unwanted arrival. Because what they've done under the circumstances is really damn impressive. 

Lumpia Shanghai and Pastries at Kasama 

1001 N Winchester Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 697-3790

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