Monday, January 13, 2020


-Grubbing in Chicago  
Turkish and Polish Rogers Park

One of last years biggest trends in Chicago restaurant openings was Turkish food. One spot that snuck in last minute was Tostini. Located on a rather quiet block in Rogers Park is this new Turkish/Polish hybrid sandwich shop. I stopped in mid-December and was greeted by a friendly lady working the register and the food. She's the Polish part of the restaurant and so are her homemade soups. The Turkish part is her partner and also the classic Turkish breakfast dishes they offer.

Newly Opened in Rogers Park 

Aside from classic polish soups and traditional Turkish breakfast they also offer what they call Tostini sandwiches. These are where the fusion of Polish and Turkish flavors take place. Particularly in the Kofte and Potato Tostini. Kofte are Turkish meatballs made of beef that typically come more flattened than the traditional Italian meatball. They also add cheese before it's all loaded into a sliced Middle Eastern flatbread and pressed. After it's heated through and toasted they add cabbage salad and a sauce similar to ketchup/mayo. It's a unique sandwich and a tasty one at that. I'm not sure if these are traditional anywhere within Turkey or they're just a creation of the couple behind Tostini. The other interesting tidbit I got from their menu is a complete Turkish breakfast they do for around $15 per person with a day's heads up given. Smaller breakfast plates like sujuk and eggs are available all day with no notice needed. They also sell gelato and baked pastries. Thumbs up for the tomato soup.

Kofte and Potato Tostini 

1622 W Morse Ave
Chicago, IL 60626

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