Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Mom & Dad's Deli

-Grubbing in Chicago  
Sub Sandwiches in Clearing

While no restaurant is unknown in the era of the internet, some places remain relatively unknown. One such spot in Chicago is Mom & Dad's Deli out by Midway airport. Ok it's on the Southside so you figure lots of people wouldn't have a clue it existed but if you live or work out near Midway you most likely know Mom and Dad. They're the older Korean couple behind this classic sandwich shop.

Locals Favorite in Clearing 

Chicagoan's old enough to remember the 'Streets and San Mans' guide to food dives in Chicago will appreciate a place like this. That's bc the majority of their clientele seems to be the Streets and San man type. Whether you work for the city or at the airport or you just live down the block this is your spot. It's a time honored deli ran by two engaging owners. Sandwiches are made to order with items like roast beef made in-house. The homemade soups are popular too. Personally I'll judge a sub sandwich shop in Chicago by their Italian. Mom and Dad make a fine version that includes sliced pickles which I'm not opposed to. Judging by the care put into the Italian which was put together perfectly I'm guessing any sandwich they make will hit the spot if that's what you like. I'd say we need more Mom & Dad's Deli's but then it wouldn't be such a gem of a spot. The opposite of a Subway.

Italian Sub at Mom & Dad's Deli 

Mom & Dad's Deli
6345 S Central Ave
Chicago, IL 60638
(773) 767-3354


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