Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Cubano Bros

-Grubbing in Chicago(land)
Authentic Cuban Sandwiches in Elk Grove

There's not as much action at LTHforum as there used to be. But it's still one of the better resources for under the radar openings in Chicagoland. It's where I was made aware of today's stop. One that hasn't seemed to catch the interest of many. Well one of my big interests will always be the Cuban Sandwich. It's responsible for introducing me to the wide world of regional eats my frosh year of college down in Tampa. For it's Tampa and Miami that both lay claim to the Cuban Sandwich and neither of them are wrong. Neither is the statement that the Cuban is hard to recreate outside FL in the most authentic of ways. I know people hate the word authentic these days but it still serves use.

 Newly Opened in Elk Grove Village

Cubano Bros sits all the way out in Elk Grove Village and maybe that's the reason you haven't heard much of it. But any discussion about the best Cuban sandwich in Chicagoland must now include these bros. What makes for an "authentic" Cuban Sandwich? Well first and foremost is the bread. Cuban bread is a rare find outside of Florida. Chicagoan's don't have the option of purchasing it from one of a handful of century old bakeries that are making Cuban bread. So the only way to get it is bake it yourself. That's what the brothers at Cubano Bros do. Personally I think French bread makes a fine substitute but big props to these guys for making their own glistening batch daily each morning.

 Cuban Sandwich at Cubano Bros

That bread works great in their version of a Cuban Sandwich which is portioned just right. I figured anyone willing and able to make their own Cuban bread would understand the importance of balancing the ingredients so that there is no single dominant flavor. This is definitely the most legit Cuban sandwich for 100's of miles any way you want to travel. But don't sleep on the steak sandwich. It too is served on the shiny Cuban bread with sauteed onions and red bell pepper. You have the option to add cheese and you most certainly want to do that. The thin strips of steak take a bath in some sort of Mojo sauce as there's lots of flavor in this one. Cubano Bros fits perfectly in their location among a bunch of office suites in a business park. It reminds me of some of the better spots down in Florida.

Steak Sandwich at Cubano Bros 

Cubano Bros
571 Landmeier Rd
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 378-8865

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