Monday, September 10, 2018

Al's Drive In

-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

Long time coming for today's post. One of my favorites. With school season back in session I know the folks over at Al's Drive-In are back to the busy season. That's bc Proviso East High School is right across the street. The Maywood Hot Dog stand is always hopping on game nights. But the high school kids aren't the only ones who frequent the stand. It's got fans from all over. So what makes it different or better yet what puts above so many other hot dogs stands in Chicagoland? It's the city's only Thai owned hot dog stand for one and two they also make Chinese food. Let's take a look.

Locals Favorite in Maywood, IL

I've featured many of the city's Asian owned hot dog stands over the years. Sadly this is the last one I have to post on. The owners and a few of the workers come from Thailand however there is no Thai food on the menu. It's a classic Chicago style hot dog stand menu except they also have a Chinese food section. So people will place orders for stuff like hot dogs and fried rice. It's not odd at all to enjoy a gyro sandwich with a side of chop suey. The hot dogs are natural casing making them worth the $3 pricetag though the fries are your standard thin variety ala McD's. Great deal for a lunch.

Hot Dog and Fries at Al's Drive In

Another menu item worth your time are the burgers. Nothing special as far as the beef. Though it is fresh and from Vienna Beef too I believe. But what makes Al's burger unique is their special sauce which comes standard when you ask for everything. It's a mayo mixed with relish, mustard, pickles, onions. Their own secret sauce even though they tell you what's in it. Another terrific deal around $3.

Burger at Al's Drive-In

But the main reason I find myself going to Al's more times than I should? Fried rice. They do it right over here. You'll notice when you order from the Chinese menu that those items get cooked in the room next door. That's where the wok is. As opposed to at the hot dog and grill station. It's fried fresh and you can always hear the sizzles coming from the room as soon as your order is yelled to the ladies working that part of the kitchen. It's an amazingly smooth operation and my guy behind the counter taking all the orders is always full of energy in dealing with the crowds and regulars that stop in. He seems to know most of the customers incl. me. It's long running success and the fact they're such a unique spot has me wondering when their induction into the Vienna Beef Hall of Fame will come? Al's is a treasure that will hopefully be around forever but truthfully probably has less then 20 years left. The owners are older and I dont think there's any kids involved. Check it out while you can.

Shrimp Fried Rice at Al's Drive-In

Al's Drive In
80 Madison St
Maywood, IL 60153
(708) 344-8660

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Michael said...

The place where Taqueria 5 de Mayo is was a hot dog stand with a few Thai dishes; but it was gone before I could do anything with that knowledge. Glad to know there's still somewhere to get pad thai with sport peppers


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