Monday, April 10, 2017

Karahi Corner

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Where the locals eat

When most people think about the food found up and down Devon avenue it's Indian that comes to mind. Sure there are Indian owned restaurants and businesses but probably not as many as there are Pakistani. I could be wrong but when I find myself up around that way it seems like Pakistan restaurants outnumber the places serving food from India. Many of these spots include Karachi in their names or descriptions. Karachi being the most populated city in Pakistan. However at Karahi Corner the name is actually an ode to a type of cooking pot popular in the Indian subcontinent.

Locals Favorite on Devon

According to Wiki - Karahi pots are usually made out of cast iron and cooked using heavy temps. Essentially this a deeper wok and the dishes served at Karahi Corner are not to far off from stir fry. I'd had this place on my radar for a while but due to the fact they open later in day it made trying them harder for me. When I finally remembered to check it out one evening we were warmly greeted by a guy who I believe was the owner. The menu here is pretty simple with Karahi Chicken being the main event. It comes in half or full bird orders and you can also try it with baby goat. Items like rolls, grilled meats, and biryani are also available but you cant not do the namesake on the first visit. For starters an order of masala fries seemed like the right way to go. Even though this dish is usually made with frozen fries it's all about the spices applied and yogurt dipping sauce used. I enjoy them.

KC Masala Fries

All the meats here are fresh and everything is cooked to order. Upon placing your order you'll hear your Karahi chicken sizzling away in the open air kitchen. The bird is chopped down into somewhat larger than bite size pieces (bone-in) and cooked in a dark red curry with heavy hints of garlic and ginger paste. We ordered some naan that was delivered piping hot and used that to pick up the meat and eat. Condiments of thinly sliced onion and a white yogurt sauce worked quite well when added on. I thought this was an excellent dinner. Perfect on a rainy weekday. I plan to go back for more.

Karahi Chicken

Karahi Corner
2658 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60659
(773) 516-4743

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