Friday, April 21, 2017

Bang Bang

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A name like Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits is sure to speak to many. So it's no surprise that the Logan Square shop is often busy with a line stretching out the door. With the weather turning it's starting to get into patio season and Bang Bang has a good one. It's no doubt one of the most popular spots in the neighborhood with locals showing up for mostly the pie and biscuits mentioned in it's name.

Locals Favorite in Logan Square

I'll be somewhat frank from the start. Bang Bang is one of those places that I'm not as big on as others. But it's not a spot I'd fault someone for liking. In fact I can totally understand why people love it so much. While I've had the pie and thought it was good I'm just not a big fan of their biscuit sandwiches. A big reason is the biscuit itself. I prefer them buttery and fluffy to the point where the last couple bites start to disintegrate causing you to eat them up quickly. In my humble opinion biscuit sandwiches are meant to be somewhat small to the point where you might eat two or even three if hungry. Unfortunately, for me anyway, my perfect biscuit sandwich which I just described wont be found at Bang Bang. Here the breakfast sandwiches are big. The biscuit, the fillings, all of it.

 Sausage Biscuit - ginger sage sausage patty, cheddar cheese, seasonal jam

I just find the biscuit sandwiches at Bang Bang too hard to eat and even unappealing in some ways. I dont like that the sausage patty is one huge chunk and not a thin well crisped piece of pork. I don't like fighting with the country ham when trying to take a bite as the sandwich falls apart rather quickly. I think these would be much better if eaten as a plate and not a sandwich alas I'm not a big fan of them but can understand why people like them as my reasons for dislike are personal preference.

Ham Biscuit - maple glazed ham, dijon chive butter, pickle spear

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits
2051 N California Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 276-8888

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