Monday, October 24, 2016

Gabutto Burger

-Got beef?
The Burgers of Chi (land)

Back when the food-court at Mitsuwa Market was making it's debut there was a Japanese burger shop that came with it. Eventually Gabutto Burger closed and I guess hordes of fans had to find something new in the form of Japanese style hamburgers. Time passed and eventually they came back to life. This time in their own location sitting inside a strip mall in Rolling Meadows. I tried Gabutto Burger once and never thought much of it. So I wasn't in a rush to check out the new place but I planned on doing so when the opportunity came. I was near there recently and decided to stop in for lunch.

Newly Opened in Rolling Meadows

The new space is nice. Nothing special but it's clean and colorful. I dont recall the old menu but the new menu is a variety of burgers as well as fries and wings. The burgers here are mixture of beef, pork, and bread but they also offer an all beef patty. Flavor wise they offer the traditional Japanese style which laces the patty with a demi glace. They also offer a teriyaki burger and that one caught my eye. I added an egg and ended up being gifted an order of fries to try. The fries are McDonald's like but the difference from other spots is the flavored salts and also the dipping sauces. The burger was way better than I remember them to be. This was juicy with a really nice texture as far as the meat. The egg was cooked perfectly and the bun was soft but stable. I think this immediately becomes one of the better burgers in the NW suburbs. I plan on going back when I get a chance.

Teriyaki Burger with Egg 

Gabutto Burger
1410 Golf Rd
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
(224) 552-0007

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