Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Art of Chicken

-Grubbing in Chicago
Latin Inspired Grilled Chicken

It took me a long time to try the grilled chicken from this little spot on Western. But since moving into the area it's become an option for a quick snack when I don't feel like traveling all that far. The Art of Chicken opened up a few years ago and has seen a steady stream of business.

Locals Favorite in Bucktown 

The menu here is small with grilled chicken playing the starring role. It comes marinated in two different ways. One is 'El Jefe' which is described as a tangy marinade made with orange juice and the other is 'Crazy Chico' which is heavily seasoned with a variety of spices. I like them both but prefer the El Jefe due to it being a bit juicer probably due to the marinade. Sides are good.

Crazy Chico

There's another spot in Bucktown that gets lots of love for it's grilled chicken but to me there is no contest. Art of Chicken is some of the best grilled chicken anywhere, only thing missing is real charcoal flavor but they still manage to get good charcoal flavor from their gas grill. Nowadays when I want grilled chicken, I don't need to make it on my own when this place is so close.

Chicken Leg Up-Close 

The Art of Chicken
2041 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 697-9266

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