Friday, January 22, 2016

Lost Lake / Thank You

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Some spots need no introduction but a re-introduction isn't a bad thing. There's been a bit of a revival in Tiki and I'm all for this. Reason being is I love tropical cocktail not just in the warm weather months and places but any time of the year. I've rekindled my love with rum in the process. I love the fact most every tiki drink includes a few types of booze and a couple will get you feeling good. I love the atmosphere and I have no shame in saying I enjoy the fresh fruit juices mixed in. Sometime after Tiki's golden age people got real lazy and started to use canned juices and crap ass rums. The result is what most people probably think when they hear Tiki mentioned aka sweet drinks that taste more like syrup than a refreshing cocktail. Enter Lost Lake. Imbide Magazine's 2015 Cocktail Bar of the Year.

Tiki Nirvana in Logan Square 

The words been out on Lost Lake. Paul McGhee is a BAD, BAD man. Which I mean in the best way possible. He's the genius behind many of the recipes. There's a connection to Smuggler's Cave in San Francisco which is the only other Tiki bar I've been to that can match Lost lake. I believe Smuggler's Cave consulted on Lost Lake. Its not uncommon to find a line of people waiting to get in and try some of the concoctions they've created. You'll notice rum for days once you sit down.

a peek inside

Here's my little piece of advice that everyone might not know. The set menu is great and has a handful of unique to the house drinks including a Banana Daiquiri that's my favorite dessert in the city. However if you want unlimited options ask the bartender for the ABC menu and prepare to be amazed. It's basically a few 100 Tiki classics and past drinks they've made that you can order from.

Tiki Drinkin'

Tiki Eatin'

Thank You Chinese

Connected to Lost Lake next door is Thank You Chinese which is a little takeout spot that you can order from the bar. The menu switches up now and then but they make a steady combo of Chinese and American-Chinese favorites. Stuff like egg rolls, chicken wings, and Dry Chili Chicken.

Egg Rolls

Chicken Wings

Dry Chili Chicken

See ya next time!

Lost Lake
3154 W Diversey Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 293-6048

Thank You Chinese
3152 W Diversey Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 961-7475

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