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Taco In A Bag

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One of the more interesting openings and or unique or whatever else you want to call it happened about six months ago as Taco In A Bag moved to the Big City. Originally a stall in a Suburban malls food court the owner won a Food Network competition but quickly learned that winning was where the good ended. They struggled to meet demand and basically gave up, on the idea of being a small suburban business. Thus they moved to Lincoln Square on a pretty busy stretch of Lincoln avenue thats slowly becoming an actual worthwhile strip of restaurants. So far, so good.

Newly Opened in Lincoln Square

For those asking what a 'Taco in a Bag' is allow me to explain. The name is misleading as they're basically nachos. Here they do them with a little bit of chef driven syndrome. Haha just kidding I'm all for use of better ingredients. But really the concoctions they come up with are much more different than chili, cheese, and chips in a bag. Also of note is the high quality restaurant art which I'll always be a fan of. Love places that make original artwork part of their sell and they stay open late.

Dope Artwork Inside 

Now onto the product. They offer 12 different flavor combinations. Each one starts with thicker than norm tortilla chips that are fried fresh assuring they don't go soft when the toppings go on. Your options as far as flavor range from a Cuban Sandwich to a Chicken Parmesan. Some do sound more appealing than others but I cant comment on ones I haven't tried because they really do know how to balance the flavors. At least this was the case with my appropriately named cheeseburger nachos. The dish consists of beer braised ground beef, three cheese sauce, potato straws, deli pickles, romaine, and "Not McDonalds Special Sauce." The end result is a damn tasty batch of nachos that taste just like a cheeseburger. They come carefully layered allowing the entire flavor to be there with each bite. I'm sure this place pisses some food snobs off which is why I like it even more.

Cheeseburger Nachos in a Bag

Taco In A Bag
4603 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 250-2437

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