Monday, October 19, 2015

Peruvian Corner Market and Cafe

-The Sammy's of Chi

One day while reading some review on Yelp I glanced over at the section where it mentions what else people looked at as far as those who viewed the restaurant I was reading about. One of the links was for the Peruvian Corner Market on Kimball in Avondale. A place I have written about before. But new to me was the fact this place was now a deli in addition to a small market grocer selling empanadas.

Locals Favorite in Avondale Neighborhood 

Intrigued by what a Peruvian Deli puts out I decided to stop by for lunch one day. Upon entering I saw that despite looking the same on the outside that the market had undergone a little bit of a revamp inside. New colors and now tables to sit at and enjoy a sandwich off their new deli menu.

Deli Menu

The sandwiches on the deli menu don't read all that different than most other sandwich shops around town but so I was told these are Peruvian style sandwiches. Which means they're pressed ala a panini and come stuffed with marinated meats and salads and such. None are more than $6.

Peruvian style Deli Sandwiches

The first trip in I went with a 'Chepen' which is described as Peruvian roast pork and comes with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and sauce. While it may sound pretty standard the sandwich as a whole was wonderful. The roasted pork tenderloin slices were extra tender and the bread was crispy. Each sandwich comes with a side of Peruvian green aji sauce that takes it from good to very good.

Chepan Sandwich (Roast Pork)

The menu also sports a few different salads to fill your sandwich up with. On my most recent visit I tried the 'Lima' which is a chicken salad based sandwich. Made with mayo and celery it also comes with lettuce, tomato, and shoestring potatoes. Add that Aji sauce and you got another winner.

Lima Sandwich (Chicken Salad)

Last but not least they're still doing empanadas but switched up the recipe. The beef offering is actually itty bits of steak chopped down like it was going into a taco. Its mixed with potent onions and peppers and something rich. This might be my new favorite empanada in all of Chicago. Just don't forget to check the green sauce is in the bag with it. Say no to Subway and yes to Mom & Pop.

Steak Empanada

Peruvian Corner Market
3057 N Kimball Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 463-0510


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