Wednesday, August 5, 2015

D'Licious Crepes & Roti

-Grubbing in Chicago(land)
French / Indian Fusion

While I'm not as well versed in food stops of the Western Suburbs like I am other areas of the city, I always seem to enjoy lunch when life takes me out this way. Recently I was in the area and looking for a place to eat. While shuffling thru the food options of various suburbs in the area I found a spot that caught my eye if for anything the fact they were doing something unique enough to check out.

Locals Favorite in Bartlett, IL

D ^ Licious Crepes rests in a town shopping center across from the Metra stop. Its the brainchild of chef/owner Rakesh Chopra who grew up in Chandigarh and emigrated to the United States a few decades ago where he realized his dream in owning his own restaurant. He takes the spicy flavors of Northern India and mixes them with the sweet and savory flavors of France. The result is a menu with both crepes and roti and even burritos. I decided to try a burrito which is made with roti skin, or at least that was what I thought, thinking back maybe it was a stuffed crepe. Either way, it was good.

Chicken Tikka Burrito 

I got the feeling that this was going to be enjoyed upon entering the restaurant, it was packed. The locals have really seemed to open up to this place which is great as we all know Suburban people can be pretty picky when it comes to where they eat out at. The best part of the burrito was the skin itself, it was soft and yet still able to hold the well marinated chicken tikka mixed with roasted cumin basamati rice, punjabi chole, fresh onion, sweet tamarind, spicy cilantro mint chutney with a side of raita which is a yogurt sauce made with cucumber. Always nice finding a new to me spot like this.

The Insides 

D'Licious Crepes & Roti
225 S Main St
Bartlett, IL 60103
(630) 855-5373

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