Friday, February 6, 2015

Japanese Comfort Food

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What's the one country that you just know, should you go, you'd be totally overwhelmed with the food? Mine is Japan. There's so much more to it than sushi and ramen. When we did a little izakaya crawl thru Toronto a couple years back I dreamed of the culinary journey that lies ahead of me when my time to visit comes. In the meantime I've been satisfying my winter craves for comfort food with some wonderfully easy Japanese recipes. So easy there is no set recipe to go with them, just a general idea for those lacking some inspiration for a quick 30 minute meal. Hope you enjoy.

Teriyaki Skirt Steak and Eggs with Fried Rice and Onions

Is teriyaki marinated meat commonly ate in Japan? I'm actually not so sure but I do know we see our fair share of teriyaki chicken stands as you can find one in most any mall in America. Anyway this is more of a Japanese Hawaiian fusion dish where I marinate a nice piece of skirt steak for four hours or even overnight and then grill it up and eat it with eggs and rice. Easy enough and always a treat.

Chicken and Bacon Yakisoba 

As wiki states "literally buckwheat" and in this case it's made into noodles and stir-fried. This popular Japanese festival dish has it's origins from Chinese cuisine. It's very comparable to chow mein. When I go to one of the mega Asian grocery stores in the suburbs I like to pick up a couple packages of the yakisoba to keep in the fridge for a quick dinner. I'm actually partial to the fresh ones served in packs of three made by Maruchan. The sauce packet is addictive. All you need is some chopped sauteed vegetables, preferably the traditional topping cabbage for some crunch included and your meat of choice. Pork is most popular but chicken and bacon might be my favorite preparation of it.

Tonkatsu Pork

Not to be confused with tonkotsu ramen, this is the popular bento box eat of a fried pork cutlet. One of the simplest recipes one can make (google search will give you the basis) a tender pork cutlet gets bathed in S&P, flour, egg and tempura batter before being fried and then sliced. Serve with white rice.

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