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Pie Boss

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Unique Eats in Aurora

Put another one on the board for distinctive ethnic eats found in the strip malls of suburban towns. Today's post takes us to a winner in Aurora. Pie Boss sits on the outskirts of town where there's nothing but newly developed housing, a gas station and other strip malls around. If you just drove by you probably wouldn't look twice unless you have a lust for good old fashioned American pie and then even if you do you might wish you kept driving as this is a South African Meat Pie purveyor.

Strip Mall Eats in Aurora

Meat Pies are a specialty of the Cape Town region of South Africa, a place high on my list to visit. In the meantime I've been enjoying the tastes of the country while on the road in Aurora. These pies are made in the UK mold of hearty and filling rather than the sweet and savory American style. They're usually ate for lunch but people eat them at all hours of the day. Shops to get them at are as common there as hot dog stands are here. However there aren't that many places to eat this type of pie in the States, so it's somewhat surprising to find them in Aurora. Lets take a look inside.

a peek inside

I've become friendly with the owner as he recognizes me with each passing visit. Originally from Durban he moved to the Fox River Valley Region with his wife who's family relocated to the area from Durban. A few years ago they opened up their pie shop and it's steadily gaining a full stream of loyal customers including myself. The pies are phenomenal. Stuffed with common fillings like chicken and mushroom, pepper steak or one of my favorites, the cheeseburger made with a beef patty and lots of cheese in the middle. If you're lucky enough to stop in when the peri peri chicken pie is on special I highly advise you try it. Veggie offerings and sausage rolls are also available. She does all the baking and the result is thin layers of nicely browned crust with a letter indented on top to identify the filling. If this place was in the city I'm pretty sure it would be a big hit with the right location. Friendly people, great product. Go ahead and check them out next time you're in the vicinity.

South African Meat Pie

Pie Boss
1649 Montgomery Road
Aurora, IL 60504
(630) 898-3448

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