Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken

-Grubbing in Chicago  
Fast Food via Los Angeles

Recently rolling around on assignment a place called Louisiana Fried Chicken caught my eye in the New City neighborhood. I decided to pull over and do a little online research. While there's plenty of fried chicken shacks on the city's southside, more times than not they're Harold's, maybe a J&J now and then so I was curious who this newcomer was?

Newly opened chicken shack in New City

Turns out this is the first Illinois location of a popular Los Angeles chain. So the "about us" tab on their website goes . . . The founder had decade of experience with Jack-in-the-Box and Pioneer Chicken franchises before deciding to start his own. After a few trips to Louisiana for research purposes he opened the first store in August of 1976 in Los Angeles and by 1979 there were ten company stores. Joe sold his stores and began licensing the trademark and recipes to independent operators. He is now happily retired. I got a chance to chit chat with the owners of this location and they were really nice and excited about what's been going on thus far. With a CHA housing across the street and not many other eating options in the area I guess they've been packed since opening.

Chicken Box

I decided to go with a two piece box (dark) which comes one side and a biscuit. Not bad. The chicken wasn't freshly fried upon ordering but it had come out a few minutes before. I noticed quite a few black specs in it from ground pepper and enjoyed the side of red beans and rice as well as the biscuit but wouldn't go out of my way to eat here again. Also popular are their po' boys and signature strawberry slushies which I would of tried had it not been in single digit temps. Best part was their hot sauce which had that tang I try and find when trying new bottles. While I don't think Harold has a new challenger in the city's fried chicken game, they can certainly make their own name.

Two Piece Basket

Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken
215 W Pershing Rd
Chicago, IL 60609
(773) 675-8387

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