Friday, December 20, 2013

Top 11 of 2013

- Grubbing on S'C'&C

I need the hits so I've decided to do a list! I keed. Well halfway anyway. I don't care about the clicks but decided I would do my Top 11 eats featured on 'Smoking, Choking & Chowing' in 2013. Why eleven? I figure this keeps me off Fuckerberg on Food's 'Top Ten Worst Top Ten Lists' of 2013. Plus every other list out there is the same. We know kale needs to go and most regular folks don't care which chef had the best tweet of 2013. Also with the holidaze here, I'm busy so I'm going to be lazy like the rest and give you a list to read over. So with it I present my favorite eats from this past year featured on S'C'&C.

11) For the Love of Lake Perch - It's hard to choose one specific place so I'll just include all featured in this post about seeking out lake perch in Northwest Indiana, a place where it's always been a big part of not just lent but everyday eating. 

Friday Fish Fry at Knights of Columbus in East Chicago, IN

10) Neckbone Gumbo - It was deep in the depth of February during winter of 2013 that I became a player in the gumbo game. I've been experimenting for a handful of years but will forever on always use the low and slow roux method I used to put together an original recipe. My neckbone gumbo.

9) Deep Fried Tacos at Loncar's Liquors - These may be the reason I'm six feet deep one day sooner than later. My ultimate guilty pleasures is one of my favorite tacos to eat...and I eat alot.

Deep Fried Tacos from Loncar's

8) Aurora Taco Tour - Continuing on with the taco theme, which was big in 2013, I loved exploring the rich taco culture of Aurora, Illinois. It's hard to choose one place and figure out whats good when it comes to Mexican restaurants in an area where they're abundant. But I found most spots in this area to be very good at something. Happy to help spread the word of the abundance of rich Mexican food they have out there.

7) Tons of Fresh Fish in the Florida Keys - If it was seafood and I ate it down in the Florida Keys, it was fantastic. From the shacks to the $$$$ spots. It's all good man.

6) Dining Experience at Guu Izakaya - I was very excited to check out this popular Toronto stop on our trip thru this past Spring. We have nothing like it in the Chicagoland area. From the atmosphere inside to the top notch plates of Japanese izakaya favorites this was the meal I remember most on an epic eating journey thru one of my favorite cities in the world.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops at Guu

5) Carne en su Jugo at Home - In which I decide to make my own at home version of the manly man's Mexican soup which happens to be a favorite winter time eat of mine.

4) House Cassoulet at Maude's Liquor Bar - As I look over the 2013 entries into S'C'&C and spot the Maude's Liquor Bar post from February I immediately want some of their house cassoulet. Thinking back on it I now remember just how much I enjoyed this dish so rich I could only eat half. As far as winter food goes, this will warm you up as quick as anything.

House Cassoulet at Maude's Liquor Bar

3) Dinner at Fat Rice - Ok so maybe I have one spot that's included in most other listicles around town. Fat Rice was named not just one of the cities best new restaurants but also the countries. Having been a virgin to the food of Macau they made me want to take a trip there specifically to eat and I plan on doing just that. Until then I have Fat Rice to keep me educated about it.

2) Texas BBQ Tour - A life changing experience as far as smoked meat goes. As someone who's always loved beef there is no better way to eat it than in smoked brisket form. It doesn't get any better than the respected spots in Texas when it comes to it.

1) The re-emergence of Yoland and his Hot Tamales - Before the snark can come about a pushcart tamale being the best thing I ate in 2013 let me say it was not. That said I love Delta style hot tamales enough to have taken a trip thru the Delta region when going down to NOLA. They're a great snack that cravings come for now and again. So I'm really happy to have Yoland Canon and his hot tamales back on the radar because there is no other source for them in town. On top of that he's a wonderful guy who deserves all the love.

Yoland's Hot Tamales

See ya next time @chibbqking


JeniEats said...

I really enjoy lists that highlight favorites/least favorites from the year. Happy holidays from your faithful North Iowa reader!

Jen Berman said...

A list by the King with NO BURGERS?!?!?!? Unbelievable!

Thanks for guiding us in chow in 2013--looking forward to next year.


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