Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Beef Shack

-Got Beef? Italian Beef
As seen on 'What's your Beef?'

All aboard! The beef bus is headed out to the western burbs. St. Charles to be exact. That's where the Beef Shack is at. This place opened up a few years ago and now has a 2nd location coming. As the name suggest beef is what they do here. I dont know why but it reminded me of the original Potbelly on Lincoln avenue as far as setup and everything else goes. This is the type of place that could expand pretty quickly in my opinion.

Locals favorite in St. Charles 

Maybe the fact it reminded me of Potbelly is when you walk up to line to place your order, sitting there is a toasting machine ala Potbelly's. This is for their garlic beefs which get alot of love. They take a Turano roll and douse it with their garlic butter spread before layering it with beef and some cheese. It then takes a trip thru the toaster to warmup. They're very good, normally not a cheese on beef guy but I quite enjoy that sandwich. As far as the beef with hot goes I like that one too. Beef is homemade but it sits in the gravy for what seems like all day. I was expecting the not so thinly shaved pieces of it to be somewhat resistant but that was not the case. It was tender and the gravy had a little spice kick I liked. The giardineria seemed to be from a jar but it did the trick. Overall it's a very satisfying beef sandwich.

Beef with Hot from Beef Shack

Rating Scale 5/5

beef: 4
bread: 4
gravy: 4
hot peppers:3

Score: 15/20

Beef Shack
2115 W. Main St
St Charles, IL 60174
(630) 443-9797

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