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-KingT's Wing Fling

I wasn't sure if I should share this new find in Stone Park in the 'Wing Fling' posts or the 'Shrimp Shacks of Chicago' but it's worthy of both. Located in a small strip mall you might not ever think twice about this place unless maybe the name catches your eye. It did mine as they had the "coming soon" sign up for a while. Last week I was told of this new place I should try near a site and sure enough this was it.

Stone Park

I stopped in for early lunch around 11a after being up all morning and starving I was told to give them a little time as they were just getting the fryers going. Fine by me. I'm all for making sure the fryers are up to temp before serving soggy shrimp. The lady working the front was really nice and told me how their homemade soups have been a big hit around that way with all the locals and people that work around the area. I didn't try any but nice to know for the future. I opted for a 1/2 lb of jumbo shrimp and a 5 piece wings.

Jumbo Fried Shrimp

They did an excellent fry job with both the shrimp and wings. Shrimp had a crunchy medium battered exterior and didn't dry out on the inside. The wings are cheaper (5 for $3.25) and better than most every bar in the city that has a weekly wing special. They're as good as most others I can remember. They have a variety of sauce options in-house that I look forward to trying the next time I'm out this way. Other seafood options include catfish and cod and they also do boneless strips made to order and have fresh cut fries and specials. They're open until 4a Thurs-Sat. Good stuff.

House Hot Wings

1743 N Mannheim Rd
Stone Park, IL 60165
(708) 483-8595

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