Monday, April 15, 2013

Marco's Beef

-Got Beef? Italian Beef
As seen on 'What's your Beef?'

Lets start this review off like many others. Sorry about the delay. In all honesty I just hadnt had any beef cravings of late. They really do come and go by the boatload. Well when the taste for one did come, I made sure to get to a spot that I haven't doc'd on here. It had been a while since I last stopped thru Marco's Beef so I gave it a go while passing by. You might not get the vibe when looking at it from the outside but this place takes the time and care of making their own beef.

Fullerton just west of Austin

From my standpoint it's still a better than average example of this style of sandwich served in this city, though not quite 1st team, it can be considered an essential role player and maybe even 6th man. The folks there are good people and they load up their tender thinly sliced beef. The gravy has a nice spice kick and the peppers seem to have a little bit of everything in them. A solid option to have if you're anywhere near.

Beef with Hot from Marco's

Rating Scale 5/5

beef: 4
bread: 4
gravy: 4
hot peppers: 4

Score: 16/20

Marco's Beef & Pizza
6008 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60639
(773) 745-1015

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog thru SE & I really like your photos n writing style.
Grew up in Chicago, currently live in LA
Miss Italian Beef soooo much - on your next trip south, I highly recommend Pepino's in Schererville
OMG beef to die for, n a homemade hot you will love.


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