Friday, March 22, 2013

Casino Eats

-Grubbing in Chicago (land)
Eating While Gambling

In a month filled with many specials I thought it fitting for another. Give a hardcore gambler a sandwich made of two stale pieces of bread with a slice of Kraft cheese in between and they'll chow it down as he/she plays. But anyone who's been to Vegas knows it's not all about the gambling. Shopping, dining and the party scene play a big role in tourism too. But we're not headed there today. Sorry. We're just going to take a look at some quick and decent eating options at the two casinos closest to Chicago.

Rivers Casino

Out west by O'Hare airport is Rivers Casino in Des Plaines. It's somewhat new and gives a little preview what it could be like if the City of Chicago gets a gaming license which is a no brainer in my book. I'm guessing if they built a new one by McCormick Place it'd be much bigger than Rivers which is pretty intimate. Not quite as congested as some Indian casinos but it gets packed up in there. There's a few dining options on site including a Hugo's Frog Bar 2nd location, a Sports Bar, burger bar and I believe a noodle shop. I thought the sports bar food was good for what it was. Fairly priced priced too. The wings were good not great but the $8 fish n' chips plate was. They use a fresh Guinness batter and each piece was cooked to a perfect creamy consistency. If I was hardcore and here often, I'd eat that as my snack between play.

Buffalo Wings and Fish n' Chips at the Sports Bar in Rivers Casino

Horseshoe Casino

Across the border in NW Indiana about 20 minutes from downtown Chicago you'll find the area's most popular casino, the Horseshoe. Same people that run one of the Vegas' originals run this place so if you play enough in Hammond they'll fly you out to Las Vegas where you can dine on same great Asian food both on and off the strip. It's not up to par with some of Vegas' casinos great dining options but there's a little Chinese noodle bar hidden in back of the Le Cheng Asian gaming room. FYI noodles are considered to bring good luck by alot of Chinese people.

Roast Duck

If you play enough in the little room with popular Asian gambling games they'll send you to the noodle bar in back. It's just a small little space with some seats at the bar and a few tables too. If not comp'ed you pay as you enter and take a seat and they bring it over to you. I thought the BBQ duck was just ok but was pleasantly surprised by their beef noodle soup and a pork dumpling appetizer that I forget exactly what it was called, but they were good. Noodles are cooked to order and the beef was tender while the broth had deep flavor. The noodles were kind of all mashed together as one but other than that complaint I was surprised by this place. Seeing as though it's from a casino food in NW Indiana and all I wasn't expecting much to begin with.

Beef Noodle Soup

Rivers Casino
3000 S. River Road
Des Plaines, IL 60018
(847) 795-0777

Horseshoe Casino
777 Casino Center Drive
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 473-7000


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