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Bob O's Hot Dogs

-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

Well let me add to the much deserved good pub that Bob O's just got from the Hungry Hound. I saw he was there over twitter a few months back and it looks as though he's also just so happened to put up a little piece on the NW Side institution. Located down at the end of the western end of Irving Park road within city limits, Bob O's has been a fixture around these parts for 50+ years. Its where the folks from around that way both residents and those that work around it go to get their Chicago style fast food fix.

Bob O's in Dunning

The menu at Bob O's is simple but still leaves you with choices to choose from and of course hot dogs is where it all began. Bob O's started off as a shack and eventually had a few other trailers according to hungry Hound before they came to be where they are now. The hot dogs are pretty good, as they should be if you wanna survive selling them in this city. They come loaded up Chicago style with all the trimmings and include a nice side of fresh house cut fries.

Chicago Style Dog from Bob O's

Along with hot dogs, Bob O's offers up an assortment of sandwiches and burgers. The chicken sandwiches come in the options of plain, bbq, Teriyaki and parmigiana and are served on a bun but I would suggest asking for it on French bread. I loaded my Teriyaki chicken sandwich up with the toppings offered and came away impressed with the goodness this regular old chicken sandwich was putting out. Most certainly one of the better versions of a normally boring standard of this sandwich that I've come across. The meat was cooked perfectly, thus not dry and also was marinated long enough to soak in some flavor.

Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich

The reason for my visit and also that of the Hungry Hound was the beef at Bob O's. It wasnt until a little later on, after their hot dogs made a name, that they decided to put a focus on putting out a top notch Italian beef sandwich. I had heard their homemade version which is a rarity these days, was also a classic worthwhile beef to seek out. So one day this winter i had some time and a hankering for a good beef with hot and went on over to Bob O's. Much to my surprise they also serve up a gravy bread aka the bread from an Italian beef dipped and soaked in thegravy. A childhood favorite of mine I still love to eat. Very good.

Bob O's gravy bread

Today they sell alot of beef. Maybe even more than hot dogs. They also offer up Italian sausage sandwich as well as a combo (beef and sausage) and homemade meatball sandwiches too. The beef was a stand out as everyone who'd rec'd it had said. Made in house, the beef starts off as a raw roast sprinkled with dried onion and garlic which is then slow roasted and left to sit overnight. The next day it's trimmed of fat and sliced thin and sits until ready to be thrown into the gravy for the days hungry customers, many of whom claim this beef to be the best. The peppers come with a celery mix but still produce some heat from the bits of sport peppers. They don't skimp on da beef. I tasted no reason it isn't one of best beefs in the city. It might be called Bob O's 'Hot Dogs', but for me and many other it's the beef that hit's cleanup here.

Bob O's Beef with Hot (Click HERE to see how it scored against the rest)

Bob O's Hot Dogs
8258 W. Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL 60634
(773) 625-9840

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