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Eating like a local:
Regional food specialties

-Chicken Chunks in Joliet, IL

Last summer I was out in Joliet riding along Route 66 when we decided to check out the downtown area of old Joliet. We drove around and passed by a place that was on my radar thanks to a share on LTH. Chicken-N-Spice is one of the few places left in the area. It's seen better times. But they do have a wonderful little baseball stadium which is right downtown. You can catch a Frontier League Baseball game at the home to the appropriately named Joliet Slammers. The areas other big "attraction" is the old Joliet State Prison along Route 66. It's where scenes from the movie Blue's Brothers as well as Fox's TV series 'Prison Break' were filmed, the prison was closed in 2002. Nowadays it's a quiet downtown area but nice place to catch a game. The Metra will take you right to the stadium and Chicken-N-Spice is also right nearby. Lets check it out.

a locals favorite in Joliet, IL

The specialty of the house is fried chicken and their most popular item are the chicken 'chunks'. Seen on their own part of the menu below they come in portions of anywhere from 3 to 100. All were talking here is breasts of chicken coated and seasoned the house way and then fried. They have other options on the menu including regular fried chicken. In fact these chunks are a popular eat around town with their being a few other places that offer them on their menu in and around Joliet. From the outside and inside too, Chicken N' Spice isn't much. Chunks don't sound all that intriguing or original but I liked their chunks and would easily get some again if in the area.

Joliet Chicken Chunks

Chicken-n-Spice Biscuit

They offer the "George & Eddie" special which includes 3 chunks, house made spicy rice, a biscuit and drink for $6.50 and it's not a bad lunch at all. Much better than the corporate fast food outlets around town. The breasts were really good and I normally don't care for chicken breast at all, too boring. But the coated it perfectly and seasoned it well and fried them to perfection so they actually had some juice in them. The rice was pretty damn good too. Just a yellow rice with some minced meat and veggies thrown together with some seasoning. All things considered, price and other options around town, I really liked Chicken-n-Spice.

Chicken Chunks from Chicken-N-Spice

251 North Chicago Street
Joliet, IL 60432-4029
(815) 727-1100

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