Friday, February 26, 2010

Jameson Hangover Recipes

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

Its the end of February and so comes March and with it the start of Spring. In Chicago there can still be some cold ass weather during the start of it but just about everyone is ready to come out of hibernation and all it takes is St. Patty's day and the tourney for some March madness to happen. But what about the hangovers that come with it? they can only be beaten two ways 1) more booze or 2) lots of greasy good food and more booze. So if you need to kill that hangover with more shots of Jameson and plenty of ice cold beer than you can get back to Glascotts for more of it and a pound plus of gyros to go with it. All this while all the NCAA tourney games are on all the TVs and they have their annual St. Patty's Day Bash. Its going to be quite a fun March. So while your at it PLEASE CLICK HERE and scroll down and vote for them in the bar bracket tourney for me. It takes one click and its a favor back for these recipes I'm about to give you to kill your St. Patty's day hangover. Favor for a favor, that's how we do business.

Stop in on St. Patty's parade day for a shot of Jameson or 12

The 2-2-2 Biggie Bagel

2 sausage patty's
2 fried eggs
2 slices of cheese
Your favorite steak sauce
1 onion Bagel

Its pretty simple to make, as it should be when your head is bangin'. The first thing your going to do is get the sausage patty's nice and crisp in a pan. While your doing that take your bagel and split it and toast it to desired doneness and spread steak sauce on each one. After the sausage patty's are cooked thru and crispy edged, add the eggs and fry them. When you flip the eggs add the slices of cheese on top and let them melt and proceed to build your sandwich.

Soak it all up...

The-too much-Scotch Egg

I made this up one morning after a few too many of the hard ones. I needed lots of water and something greasy and gargantuan to soak up the scotch. I could barely think about what to do and didnt want to leave and go out into the cold and all I could think about was "I had tooo much Scotch" and so the idea came. I had some leftover hard boiled eggs from a potato salad I made and a roll of Jimmy Deans spicy sausage. It was time for some spicy Scotch eggs. Its basically the famous Scottish dish "Scotch Eggs" but unlike every home in Scotland, I don't have a deep fryer in mine. I wish I did though.

Ingredients (makes one)

1 hard boiled egg
3/4 of a pound or enough sausage meat to wrap around egg
Louisiana Hot Sauce

Picture by Picture Directions

Step 1)

^Take your hard boiled egg (shell removed) and wrap your sausage laced with hot sauce around it so it looks like the ball seen in the picture below.

Hard Boiled Egg Wrapped in Sausage

Step 2)

^Fry the ball evenly on each side in a pan with some oil. It will be ready to come out when the ball looks like it does in the picture below.

Too Much Scotch Egg ready for the oven

^To make sure the sausage is cooked thru, place the ball in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. Proceed to cut it in half and eat away.

A peak inside

I was pleasantly surprised and quite enjoyed my sausage ball...don't get perverted now

I just wanted to let all the readers know to get ready, 'cause this shits 'bout to get heavy. There's going to be some serious eating coming up. Stay tuned y'all.

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