Monday, November 2, 2020

The Best Sandwiches in Chicago

-The Sammy's of Chi

You may have already seen it but if not I recently did a "Best Sandwiches in Chicago" list for Chicago Magazine. They did an amazing job on photos and design. It was one of a few pieces I did for the recent issue. It can also be found online. Allow me to explain my process for making the picks I did. First off if they asked ten of us food people in Chicago to name our favorite sandwiches they would get ten different lists. Some sandwiches would overlap but the odds are against two people picking the exact same list. This is due to an abundance of amazing sandwich selections found around town. Heck my list can switch by the day. If you look at labels from this site there's been 397 posts about sandwiches since September of 2008. In many cases there's more than one sandwich in the feature. So safe to say I've ate a lot of sandwiches in this city. With that said this list is not to be taken literally.

Shish Kebab Sandwich from Mr. D's (#3)

I tried to make a diverse list in terms of different styles and ingredients served in different forms of cuisines in different neighborhoods across the city. I have no problem with someone that like's Al's on Taylor street more than Johnnie's. Sometimes I do too. But I wasn't ready to deal with the "where's Johnnie's on this list?!?!?" crowd. That said those wondering about Ricobene's will always be mad at my picks for the city's best sandwiches if you catch my drift. I tried to pick ten spots that were a mix of the classics and some more local places that don't get as much press as places being run by restaurant groups and all that. It's a tough time for everyone in the industry so do what you can to support all of the spots that make Chicago one of the best food cities in the world. List linked below. 

The Best Sandwiches in Chicago (as seen in Chicago Magazine)

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