Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ed's Kitchen

-Grubbing in Chicago(land)
Charcoal Grilled Meats out West

We all have our loves when it comes to food and cooking. One that sits near the top of my list when it comes to the two is charcoal grilled meats. Or kebabs to be even more specific. While I do think it's possible to achieve a delicious skewer of meat using a gas grill it's never going to match the magnificence of a kebab grilled over live charcoal. You cant replicate the flavor of real flames. It's a rarity when it comes to dining out. Sometimes bc local regulations don't allow restaurants to cook with charcoal and other times bc spots find the gas grills to be easier. So it's a special find when I come across a place cooking with charcoal. That's that case for today's stop out in Woodridge.

Locals Favorite in Woodridge

Ed's Kitchen sits at one end of a half vacant strip mall on Hobson Road in Woodridge which is next to Downers Grove in case you were wondering where that's at. There seems to be a nice sized Eastern European population out in these parts. I'm not positive as to where the people from Ed's Kitchen are from but I'm guessing they're background is some sort of Balkan. I gathered from google reviews that they used to just cater before opening their own restaurant. Pictures and reviews pointed to a special concoction used to grill skewers of meat over real charcoal. I pulled up and smelled the smoke right away. You couldn't really go inside but I could see a ton of Nature-Glo charcoal in the front of the house. Takeout only in the time of covid so I placed an order for a lamb kebab meal and she told me it would be about 15 minutes. I returned in that span of time and my food was ready. No reason to not go full al trunko on what was a perfect day weather wise. So I popped open my container and was greeted by five big chunks of charcoal grilled lamb sitting over rice and toasted vermicelli. Some shredded carrot salad was served with a tomato sauce that reminded me of Taco Bell mild hot sauce. Chopped tomatoes with cucumbers and a piece of semi dry pita rounded it all out. I got nothing but love for this place and will plan to stop by whenever I'm in the area which is admittedly close to never. So I'll probably just have to make plans to go and I suspect I will at some point when the crave for fire grilled meats comes calling but I dont feel like cooking it myself. I was intrigued with a couple of ground meat options mixing beef and pork with chicken. Normally I'm not a fan of mixing meats but it does work for meatloaf and meatballs so maybe it's kebab friendly too. Time will tell.

Lamb Kebab at Ed's Kitchen

Ed's Kitchen
3010 Hobson Rd
Woodridge, IL 60517
(224) 788-7000

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