Friday, July 10, 2020

Old Fashioned Donuts

-Grubbing in Chicago
Donuts in Roseland

Believe it or not there's actually a handful of iconic Chicago spots that I've never posted about. Reason being was most people already know about these places as everyone else has already covered them in some way or the other. That said I'm not sure everyone knows about Old Fashioned Donuts. It sits on a stretch of Michigan avenue that tourists never make it too. Located in Chicago's Roseland neighborhood they've been a fixture of the community for more than 45 years strong.

 Locals Favorite in Roseland 

As the name suggests this place does donuts, and they do them really well. But that's not all they do. I'd always wondered about the food in particular the burger. They mention them on the sign and I always figured if the donuts are made the old fashioned way the burgers must be too. I guessed correct. Old Fashioned Donuts serves a fine burger made the old fashioned way on a flattop with a fresh beef patty on a lightly toasted bun. Maybe not destination worthy but it hits the spot for sure.

 Cheeseburger at Old Fashioned Donuts 

Those that do know Old Fashioned well know that the donuts are worth the ride. While I've never had a bad one it's the apple fritter that most people will mention as the absolute must get. There's not much more to say on these massive treats except this might be the best bite on all of Michigan ave.

Apple Fritter at Old Fashioned Donuts 

Old Fashioned Donuts
11248 S Michigan Ave #4941
Chicago, IL 60628
(773) 995-7420

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