Monday, March 9, 2020

Le Bouchon

-Grubbing in Chicago
Classic French Food in Chicago

In case you couldn't tell from reading - a majority of my meals out are either some sort of Asian food or Mexican. I like Italian food, I like Greek food, and I like French food too. But as far as the European countries go I don't get constant craves for those cuisines like I do Chinese or Mexican food. Times have changed and the days of French food being mainstream are a thing of the past. There's still a nice number of French restaurants in town but the glory days are long behind us. I wasn't even around back then but if you spent time in Chicago during the 70's you probably visited a popular French restaurant. I actually did get a little taste of that era as I'm good friends with the son of Bernard Le Coq of Lincoln Park's Cafe Bernard (RIP). So we ate the restaurant a few times back when. Chicagoan's interested in the history of French food in Chicago should check out this amazing site. Today we're going to visit one of the cities old school French restaurant survivors in Bucktown.

 Locals Favorite in Bucktown 

Le Bouchon opened in 1993. So while it's not exactly from the golden era of the 70's it's old enough to where it still has that classic French restaurant feel. Newer hip French restaurants will try to recreate that atmosphere at a mostly unsuccessful rate. Part of the reason Le Bouchon has that classic feel is the restaurants founding father, the late Chef Jean-Claude Poilevey closed his popular restaurant Jean Claude the same year he opened Le Bouchon. These days it's run by his son Chef Oliver Poilevey who hasn't really messed with anything as far as what made it a neighborhood staple. The menus feature classic French plates for both lunch and dinner. I actually prefer lunch for the fact it's reminiscent of many of the cafes we've visited in Lyon during the daytime hours. Le Bouchon thrives on the fact it's menu is super consistent to where it's pretty much all good so just order what sounds like something you'd enjoy. For me that's a simple but perfectly executed Lyonaisse Salad which must have the real French lardon as they do here. Le Bouchon's pate stuffed with pistachios is second in the city only to my uncles. My favorite plate at Le Bouchon is one that goes on and off the menu but it's a French breakfast plate consisting of both Toulouse sausage and blood sausage served with egg, sauerkraut, baked beans, and toast. One of the best breakfast plates in the city. Anyways with all the constant coverage of new openings let us not forget about the all time classics.

Lunch at Le Bouchon 

Le Bouchon
1958 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 862-6600


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