Monday, October 28, 2019

Mulata Kitchen + Coffee

-The Sammy's of Chi

Resident Oak Parkers may remember a now gone Brazilian restaurant called Taste of Brasil. It closed a few years ago and many OPRF locals mourned it's passing. While Taste of Brasil hasn't exactly risen from the dead it's owner has opened a new spot with a much better location. Mulata Kitchen + Coffee is located on the corner of Oak Park avenue and Lake Street. Right in the heart of the action.

 Newly Opened in Oak Park

I remember some time shortly before they're opening resident Oak Parker David Hammond posting something about the name. He was curious how his neighbors would react to the Mulata label the owner (a Mulata herself) gave the place. I haven't heard a thing and I didn't read anything as far as the online reviews go either. Which is good bc every neighborhood deserves a spot like Mulata Kitchen + Coffee. In fact it was the online reviews that got me over here. People rave of the empanadas as well as the sandwiches and coffee. That's pretty much the entire menu. All Brazilian focused. There's also a special daily rotating plate that can sometimes be the national dish of Brazil in Feijoada stew. The empanada case sits in front so you can grab and go on with your day. I tried the Brazilian Heart of Palm on the rec of online reviews and it was a good call by all. Empanadas are fairly large and baked.

 Empanada at Mulata Kitchen + Coffee

The sandwich section offers up eight different selections one of which is ever changing. They all sound worth ordering but for my first trip in I had to try the Carne Louca. Brazilian braised beef is topped with sauteed onions and bell peppers and then topped with melted mozzarella. It's served on the house special rustic roll which perfectly soaks up some of the juice from the braised meat. It's a pretty simple sandwich but the ingredients are all top notch and pair really well together. The bread being it's biggest strength as I'm convinced it was the perfect choice for this sandwich. I'll be back.

Carne Louca Sandwich at Mulata Kitchen + Coffee 

Mulata Kitchen  + Coffee 
136 N Oak Park Ave
Oak Park, IL 60301
(708) 383-3550

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