Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Super Pitas

-Grubbing in Chicago(land)  
Real Greek Gyros in Niles

The casual Greek food trend from last year is still giving us options. The latest comes from a place called Super Pitas on Milwaukee in Niles. They're saying is "The Original Greek Gyros" by which they mean most people in Greece prefer their gyros be made with pork. For a while in Chicago your only option was really the beef/lamb combo that companies like Kronos made a staple of the Chicago food diet. Some places still make homemade gyros with a beef and lamb blend but the spots making gyros in house with pork has overtaken them. Plenty of parking as Super Pitas sits in a strip mall.

Newly Opened in Niles

Real deal gyros are one of my favorite things to eat. They fall into the spits of meat category that I so very much adore. Even though I grew up eating the lamb and beef blend so popular in Chicagoland I much prefer a pork gyro now that I've had so many of them. Rarely do they disappoint and Super Pitas did not. I got the plate which comes with fries, tomatoes, sliced red onion, tzatziki, and a pita sliced into four. As always the plate made for a meal and leftovers. I enjoyed the traditional flavors and would happily go back if I lived in the area or next time I'm near. They also offer chicken gyros while fries are standard in the gyro sandwiches. That's how the most popular places in Athens do it.

Pork Gyro Plate at Super Pitas

Super Pitas
7041 N Milwaukee Ave
Niles, IL 60714
(847) 423-2050

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