Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Cutie Pie's Kitchen

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Southside Jerked Baked Potatoes

One Southside dining trend I'm noticing in 2019? It seems like the Jerked Baked Potato is going to follow in the footsteps of both the Jerk Taco and Jerk Egg Roll. Southsiders love them some jerk anything. I've noticed these jerk baked potatoes being advertised in windows at a few spots on the city's southside where jerk chicken tacos have popped up pretty much anywhere that has chicken in some form on the menu. I rode by a spot called Cutie Pie's Kitchen which I thought was going to be a restaurant serving pie. Turns out Cutie Pie is the nickname of the older lady who owns the place.

 Locals Favorite in Auburn Gresham

Located on 78th street just off Halsted is this little carry out shop with menu featuring a few different things. Soul food specials are available but I think that's only a weekend thing. On the weekdays it seems as though the jerk baked potatoes are pretty damn popular. I say so bc that's what the other people who were visiting Cutie Pie's Kitchen ordered and that's also what a few people mention in online reviews. For those that don't like baked potatoes they also offer jerked nachos, fries, or salad.

 a peek inside

The nice lady working behind the glass kindly took my order and made sure my jerk chicken baked potato was made to my liking. This meant that it would also come with sour cream, broccoli, and cheese. All of that is piled on an extra large baked potato that's semi smashed to extend it's girth. The chicken was chopped and tossed in a tongue tingling jerk sauce. While it may have been better with shredded cheese the nacho cheese used was no slouch in it's own right. This was basically urban festival food. I could see it popping up at the Taste of Chicago one day. I bet they'd be popular.

Jerk Chicken Baked Potato from Cutie Pie's Kitchen 

Cutie Pie's Kitchen
758 W 78th St
Chicago, IL 60620
(773) 897-9303

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