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-Grubbing in Chicago  
Fast Food via The Philippines

Honestly I wasn't even sure if I was going to share today's post. Usually when I've eaten something underwhelming I leave it at that and move on to the next spot. But since Jollibee is a well known chain making a big splash in the States these days I will share my feelings on it and it's chicken.

Filipino Chain Favorite located in Seafood City on Elston 

When the first Illinois location of Jollibee opened in Skokie it came with constant lines and a couple refrigerated semi trucks parked on-site to hold all the food they were going through. Not one to enjoy a wait in a long line I never did get over to Skokie to try Jollibee. But then they opened inside Seafood City, the Filipino grocery chain with a store on Elston, and my time to try them came. I have plans to post about Seafood City and it's many dining selections another time as today I wanted to go in on Jollibee. Let me start by saying I just dont get it. So Anthony Bourdain gave it an endorsement? So what. He's not going to tell the people taking him there that its bad. The only thing I'll say is I totally understand a love for childhood flavors and I get that many Filipino people grew up on this.

Fried Chicken at Jollibee

I thought I would really like this place. I mean I've had nothing but good experiences with Filipino food. I enjoy eating Hawaiian which Jollibee definitely gears towards with it's rice and gravy dishes. But for some reason this fried chicken tasted like it came from a suburban grocery store. An offering consisting of hamburger patties, fried onions, and eggs was the same. It might as well have been from the Mariano's prepared foods section. It was tasteless. I had plans to try the famous spaghetti with hot dogs but I've heard the sauce is super sweet and I hate super sweet marinara so I'm in no rush to get back. I will say I like the pineapple juice and mango pies and will stop back for those.

Loco Moco like dish at Jollibee

5033 N Elston Ave
Chicago, IL 60630
(773) 295-1658

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