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The Burgers of Chi

The stretch of Milwaukee avenue in-between Fullerton and Diversey is seeing some new life. That part of Logan Square is really booming like pretty much everywhere else in the neighborhood. One of the new spots to pop up is a burger and fry joint opened up by a guy with prior experience at spots like Chicago's Dog House and Bohemian House. Adhering to the neighborhood they're bringing a late night eating option of what they call elevated fast food. Burgers, Fries, Chicken Sandwiches etc

 Newly Opened in Logan Square 

SmallFry probably wouldn't be the same if it were in a different neighborhood. What I mean by that is they really took on the feel of a Logan Square eatery and ran with it. They commissioned local artists to put murals up announcing their arrival and then when open they showed off some stuff on the inside. It's a pretty small space but it feels pretty open. there's a couple communal tables and then some seats up against the windows where you can watch hipsters biking by. The hours are late on weekends and they're a byob and I've already seen some locals taking advantage of that fact.

 a peek inside

I've been in a few times and in those visits been able to try all of the basics. The menu is small with one part being the regular everyday menu and another part being what's on special these days. The everyday menu is burgers, fries, and a chicken sandwich. The most interesting part of the menu is the fries section where they have all sorts of special dips and dust to coat your spuds in. Options like cool ranch, umami dust and some others as well as a bunch of aioli dipping sauces. The fries are fresh fried and good though I'd like to see them cooked a bit longer and turn crispier. The burger is crave worthy due to some homemade cheese spread they use that gets nice and potent when melted making for a big cheesy flavor. One worth having now and then when the urge for something cheesy comes calling. The specials menu always looks good from the pics I see on instagram. This is a nice place to have as a neighborhood option for lunch, dinner, and late night snacks. They should fit in well.

Cheeseburger and Fries

2489 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 661-1365

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