Friday, August 12, 2016

Breakfast Tacos at Home

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

Breakfast tacos. Say the wrong thing about them and you may have a certain portion of Texas coming for your head. I like having my head on upright so I'm going to give readers a quick rundown of the breakfast tacos history. It's origins trace back to...Texas. Haha. Probably the Rio Grande or San Antonio. Definitely not Austin, though I will give props to ATX for being the place that many of us non-Texans came to cherish the breakfast taco. Nothing against San Antonio but Austin just has more for the out-of-towner as far as business and or entertainment so it's how many of us become familiar with this Texas treat. That said anyone who's been to DFW, Houston, and of course San Antonio has crossed paths with the breakfast taco. As Texas Taco Expert Jose Ralat says "Breakfast tacos belong to all Texans." Here are three (loose) recipes you can whip up a quick Texas breakfast with.

 S'C'&C Breakfast Taco 

This is an original creation. Best made right about this time of the year when corn is in-season. I like to cut the corn off the cob and cook it in a little bit of grease obtained by cooking some loose breakfast sausage. Add in some diced onion and jalapeno and scrambled eggs if you want them. I then use a black bean spread across the tortilla before putting the sausage and corn mix on top and topping it with cheese. Add some cilantro and you got yourself a damn good breakfast taco.

Chorizo, Potato, Egg

This is my favorite type of breakfast taco. I make it in a variety of ways with just slight differences here and there. Sometimes I'll use corn tortillas, sometimes flour, sometimes scrambled eggs but I tend to go with an over easy fried egg as I prefer it that way. Sometimes I dont use any egg at all. One thing you do want to do is get your potatoes nice and crisp and to do that you need time. Once the potatoes are crisped up I like to add them separately so they dont turn to mush. Always delicious.

Puerco Guisado 

This is a taco that I just kind of created with what I had. Some nice pork loin which I diced up and browned. I followed that with chopped onion, jalapeno, garlic. All of that was spiced up with cumin, Mexican oregano, Magi seasoning sauce and such. Then I threw the meat back in with a can chicken stock to cover and little bit of red chile sauce I had made the previous week. Let cook until meat is just tender enough not to fall apart. Easily done with beef which would make it carne guisada. I like to smear my tortillas with rice and beans if making guisado tacos. These by the way are a popular breakfast snack in Texas but they also make great lunch or dinner. I'll be seeing y'all next time.

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