Monday, July 11, 2016


-Grubbing in Chicago  
Chowing down on Chinatown

One of my favorite places to eat of late has without a doubt been the food court deep inside of the Richland Center Mall in Chinatown. Despite the move upstairs by Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings the food court downstairs is still full of good cheap eats. While Tong's is my go-to spot when there it's not always open and so I have to venture elsewhere. I believe the spot formerly occupied by the dumpling people is now called Tientsin. I learned thru google that Tientsin is a different spelling of the city Tianjin in China. Other than that there's nothing else out there except inspection links.

Semi new food stall in Chinatown 

The menu here is relatively small with a few sections to it. If I remember correctly those would be something like chef specials, house specialties, dumplings, and soups. On my first visit I was all by myself so I couldn't take on too many options thus an order of three ingredient dumplings was what I ended up getting. Made with pork, shrimp, and egg these definitely hit the spot in a way a plate of homemade dumplings can and most always does. Lightly boiled with gentle flavors inside. These weren't better than the previous tenet but still good enough to get again with friends. 20 to an order.

Three Ingredient Dumplings 

Seeing as how I always start off with house specialties whenever ordering off a menu I decided to get the namesake stir fried pancake with with strips of pork. The other house specials was beef rolls which an older lady was eating and while they did look good I wanted something from the wok. The older cook went to work and dished out a fantastic plate of food that was good enough for two meals. Strips of stir fried noodles were browned up just right with plenty of wok hei to inhale. The strips of pork crisped up nicely and the sides of funky cabbage and something else which I wasn't sure of were great when mixed in. This is another thing I'd order again but would prefer to do with others so things like the soups and such can also be explored. Stay tuned. Plenty more to come from this food court.

Stir Fried Pancake at Tientsin in Chinatown

Tientsin at Richland Center
2002 S Wentworth Ave
Chicago, IL 60616

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Michael said...

I had a different pancake (onion?) with some vinegar slaw type stuff on it and really liked it a lot. At the moment it's the one I want to dig deeper into the most. Also finally had Tong's jianbing, which was terrific.


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