Friday, December 18, 2015

Ramen Takeya

-Grubbing in Chicago 
Ramen in Fulton Market

I'm somewhat surprised not to find nonstop love for the somewhat newly opened Ramen Takeya in Fulton Market. Maybe I'm not following the new age of influencers in Chicago food but I thought I'd of heard more praise for this place after my first stop in. Ramen Takeya is the sister restaurant to Wasabi which is one of the most popular restaurants in Logan Square. Over here they're specializing in Chicken Paitan ramen which is said to be a somewhat lighter version of the deeply rich and extremely popular Tonkotsu style ramen. I admit the description made me skeptical at first.

Newly Opened in Fulton Market

I've been in twice now and had different experiences as far as the food and service. First time in was great. We ordered the pan fried gyoza made with Berkshire pork and they came out with the crispy web edging I've seen at both Fat Rice and also in Toronto. They were fantastic. I went as far as to say they were the best fried dumplings in Chicago because they were that good. The second time in after waiting a good 25 minutes with barely anyone else there they came out badly burnt to the point where I was offended they still served them. They tasted as bad as they looked. Chicken Karaage aka Japanese fried chicken thigh was enjoyed while sitting at the bar on visit two. Even if it took forever.

Gyoza Dumpling (Top) Chicken Karaage (Bottom)

The ramen was on point each visit in. I wasn't sure what to expect from the chicken based broth but it does include some pork broth and you still get nice pieces of Berkshire Pork Belly but most importantly you still get a deep flavored broth. The spicy version wasn't all that spicy though I didn't really care as the flavors were there. The pork was tender and the noodle had pretty good chew while the egg yolk had a nice run to it. All in all I really like the ramen here but still need a few more visits to see what the deal is with the dumplings which were glorious my first trip in and bad the next.

Spicy Chicken Paitan

Ramen Takeya
819 W Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 666-7710

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