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-Grubbing in Chicago
New to the 'Scene'

Over the last year or so Chicago has seen a spike in modern Steakhouses with more than a few opening shop. One of those opened to little press as they just kind of appeared on Western avenue one day. While Boeufhaus has the menu of a steakhouse, the rest of it more so fits the mold of a Brasserie. This isn't the type of steakhouse your dad took your mom on dates too.

Newly Opened in Humboldt Park / Ukrainian Village

The dinner menu here consists of five different cuts of steak and about four entrees that aren't red meat. However I have yet to get in for dinner as the lunch menu has been one of my favorites for it. If you don't eat red meat you're not going to want to drop in for lunch as the sandwich menu consists of five beefy sandwiches as well as a couple of steaks. All of the sandwiches come with housemade chips which I believe are fried in beef fat, that or they got some special oil going on over there.

Cheesesteak Sandwich 

I've basically gone through the sandwich options and have enjoyed my lunch each trip in. The cheesesteak is good enough to be one of the 2 or 3 best in the city. Sure there's not many options around for a good cheesesteak but this is one. Shaved ribeye gets mixed with grilled onions and some gooey American cheese. The D'Amato's roll is more than acceptable as a Amoroso's replacement. Then there's the Boeuf on Weck which is their take on the Buffalo classic and while it might not be on the level of Charlie the Butcher's it's a great roast beef sandwich in it's own right. A semi soft but still very stable bun is dotted with caraway seeds and sea salt and then the inside is lathered with horseradish spread. The medium rare slow roasted beef is thinly sliced and tastes extra meaty with beef juice sliding out after each bite. On the side comes a little cup of potent gravy, beef based of course, and also some chips which are fried in beef fat. Vegans need not bother.

Bouef On Weck

Also good is the Italian Beef. It's an excellent sandwich but if you go in expecting an Italian Beef in the style of most spots you might be disappointed at first. For me the dissatisfaction left quickly. This is the type of beef one with skill might make in his/her own kitchen. It was crumbly and spiced a little differently than most. I suspect there was red wine involved because it's a very winter like sandwich. What I mean by that is it tastes like something that can comfort one up real quick on a cold winter day. The side of beef gravy only made it richer. My only gripe is with the peppers, which are pretty much just that, bell peppers and alot of onion. So there's no heat and it kind of takes on the flavor profile of a cheesesteak minus the cheese but it's still a damn good sandwich. D'Amato's bread and all. All sandwiches come with their tasty chips on the side, which I dip in the leftover gravy. All sandwiches are around $10 which is more than fair. If you like beef, you'll like Boeufhaus. 

Italian Beef

1012 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 661-2116

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