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-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

Can you believe I've never gotten around to posting on this classic? Neither could I when I searched for it on google as a link to send to a friend visiting his future in-laws out in the burbs where Superdawg's second location is located. The original sits on the intersection of Milwaukee, Devon and Nagle in the Norwood Park neighborhood. Established in 1948 it's one of a few remaining real deal year round drive in's. It's Chicago's only drive-in eatery left. Started by a husband and wife team Superdawg is still all in the family and the perfect example of how to run a restaurant. I've never encountered a smoother sailing ship as far as service and quality at a high traffic stop goes. There's so much love out there and it's all deserved. Here's some more.

Chicago's Year Round Drive-In and the famous Maurie and Flaurie Dogs

The signature of the show is the Superdawg. To this day they've had the wieners made specially for them so you wont find these anywhere else. The all beef hot dogs are plumper than most and take on heavy notes of both garlic and spice. The signature item of the Superdawg is their pickled green tomatoes they use in place of the standard red sliced ones served on Chicago style hot dogs. Every sandwich comes served in a box with fresh crinkle cut fries beside them.The fries are still fried in beef tallow which is a practice that's not all common anymore. Even McDonald's did this at one point. The result is one of the best dog and fries combinations in the nation.

Superdawg's Signature Superdawg 

As hard as it can be to pass on the namesake when visiting Superdawg, should you choose to you wont regret it. The Whoopskidawg is one of the best sausages in the city. As described on the menu it's a "char-broiled version of a Romanian, Hungarian, Polish sausage; basted in our special sauce, and served on a Whoopskiroll™, with grilled onion and a pickle." If Bill Swerski should ever be given a last dinner of his choice. This would be it. Though it doesn't stop there with other items worth a chow. I've already given heavy praise to the Superfish Sandwich and consider their onion chips to be one of the best fried sides being served at the 100's of hot dog stands across Chicagoland. The Whoopercheesie is double cheeseburger grilled over flames that often gets overshadowed by the hot dog though it can more than hold it's own. Long story short. It's all good.

The Whoopskidawg is a winner

Onion Chips are addicting

Superfish Sandwich is a stunner

The Whoopercheesie is a beast

6363 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60646
(773) 763-0660

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Unknown said...

beef tallow is the way to go. used it for my fish and chips @ an irish gig i did. used it @ the shelbourne in dublin as well. the pescatarians love it.

Steve D. said...

I am glad it is still around (in 2020). But I stand by my Yelp review from back in 2007. I am very familiar with how “exploitation” movie producers promoted their films back in the 1950s-1970s. They promised something different from what you would have from mainstream films. But in the end, they did not give you what you were hoping they would.
When I was here, it was with my dad [R.I.P.] after one of his regular medical center appointments. Perhaps his taste buds were a little off, but we agreed that the hot dog was not that remarkable.
From whom does it source the hot dog? It is not going to tell us that. That is another little trick from the encyclopedia of exploitation. {"Who filmed this movie?" - There are no credits.}
It seemed quite obvious to me that Superdawg was selling the "sizzle" (its atmosphere | mystique) rather than the "steak" (its food). OK - good for it. It is still around. As far as its food goes, you can do better.


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