Monday, July 7, 2014

Jeff's Red Hots

-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

As someone who's been to as many of Chicago's hot dogs stands as anyone, I was surprised when I'd read good things about Jeff's Red Hots located just off the six corners on the city's Northwest side. It wasn't that I never heard of the place it was just that I never really thought twice about it which turned out to be a mistake. I stopped by recently and since then it's turned into my most ordered hot dog in town.

Longtime locals favorite in Portage Park

a peak inside

The owner Steve and his family have been slanging wieners here since 1977. They open at 6a for breakfast and serve it up until 10a. Besides the namesake hot dogs they also have the standards as far as Chicago style fast food shacks go. Gyros, burgers, Italian beef, pizza puffs and many more things can be had here. That said I haven't been able to stray away from the hot dogs. Jeff's offers a top notch Vienna Beef natural casing dog that when ordered with everything includes all the traditional Chicago style toppings as well as sauerkraut. This nod to the owners Eastern European background actually works quite well. It doesn't distract from the rest of the flavor profile. Best of all a dog and fries is just over $3 making it one of the best bang for your buck hot dogs in the city.

Hot Dog with Everything, Kraut included

Jeff's Red Hots
3901 N Cicero Ave
Chicago, IL 60641
(773) 777-1513

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Anonymous said...

Jeffs is good, try the Gyro and the fresh made cheeseburger sometime.

Steve D. said...

Jeff's is the closest place to my abode you have described {so far}. But it drops off my list for reasons which are shown in your photograph of the hot dog.
That tomato. That is a hamburger-shaped tomato. It is going to fall off the hot dog either before or on the first bite, and probably not restored. And then there are those fries. It is possible to make institutional [think Sysco or U.S. Foods] fries palatable, but Jeff's does not do it. With all those other items on its menu, it is not concentrating on its fries.
So, congratulations on your longevity, Jeff's. But you are not going to get more of my business.


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