Friday, March 7, 2014

Lange's Old Fashioned Meat Market

- The Midwest: Butchers + Bakers + Sausage and Cheese Makers

Authors Note: Whenever I'm traveling around by car in the Midwest I like to make sure I have a cooler in the back. The reason for that is the fact that there tends to be some really great bakery's and butcher shops found in each and every region here in the Midwest. Most of them are old world practicing what they've been doing the same way the generations in their family before them have. Making sausage and pastries with old world recipes and selling freshly butchered meats and baked goods to their neighbors who in turn keep them in business. Its a concept that's gotten lost in the big city shuffle although slowly but surely the hip city's are making local butcher shops and baking places trendy again. Proving that most everything that goes out of style eventually comes back in.

Michigan City, IN

Today I want to take you to one of my favorites butcher shops in the region. Much like Drier's in nearby Three Oaks, Michigan (where Mr. Lange is from), walking into here is like taking a step back into time. It's an old world atmosphere inside with a super charming character running it. How many of y'all have ever been to a butcher who always has a keg tapped and ready should you want a beer while there?

A peak inside

Pete Lange is da man. Part of the reason for starting this series wasn't just to showcase the goods these places offer but also the people behind it. I've been coming here for a few years as my good friends parents have a place in Long Beach not too far away. Pete knows them and anyone else that's ever been in there more than once during his 21 year tenure. One of the most engaging folks I've ever met on the food trail. I'm taking him up on his offer this summer of stopping thru to make some sausage with him. You never know what you'll find at Lange's but everything is made on site and its all great.

Sensational Snack Sticks

Lange's Famous "Honey Log"

You'll find all the usual meat shop suspects of cut in house steaks, ground that morning beef and fresh stuffed sausage as well as some unique eats like the Honey Log pictured above. A bite of this and you'll never want to eat meat loaf again. Amazing. Same goes for all the snacking sausage from the beef sticks to the Landjaeger. He does an amazing cheddar spread that makes Merkt's seem normal as well as a Belgian mustard and fresh horseradish that wake the senses up real quick. His smoked chops are top notch and the beef jerky! Oh my god, best ever. Served warm it's a better piece of beef than most steaks you'll eat.

Image Image
Smoked Chops and the Best Damn Beef Jerky anywhere!

Pete started out in law enforcement and then ended up as a superintendent at a plant for a while. During his college tenure he worked a job at a famous Michigan meat market and developed a love for the art. He decided to hell with the 9-5 deja vu lifestyle and opened up Lange's. This ended up not just a great decision for him but all the folks who cant get enough of what he's got. Good god it hits the spot!

Pete's buddy says hi, you should go do the same...

Lange's Old Fashioned Meat Market
218 W 7th St
Michigan City, IN 46360
(219) 874-0071


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