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Joey's Shrimp House

-The Shrimp Shacks of Chi

Joey's Shrimp House opened up back in 2010 and had my attention right then when I read about it in the 'Coming Soon' section of some food site. Unfortunately for whatever reasons I had never been by until recently. I drove by plenty of times and always said "I'm gonna check Joey's out soon" but would never remember too. Well I felt like some fried shrimp and remembered Joey's this crave around so I finally checked out the shrimp shack over on Western ave in Humboldt Park.

Another really nice fried shrimp shop in the Chi

When compared to some of the remaining fried shrimp shacks of Chicago, Joey's is just a little baby. But that comes with some perks. You can actually dine in here and they also serve beer and are open late, until 2a Fri. & Sat. It's a pleasant vibe inside I actually felt like I was at a seafood shop somewhere in Porta Del Sol. This is not a complete surprise since Joey's is a Puerto Rican owned place. On my visit, there were a few regulars watching TV, with who I assume to be Joey, the man who made the food.

View from one of the tables inside

I went with my standard order of jumbo shrimp (regular available too) and got a full pound to split with my mom. Not a bad price at $16 and Joey's uses Gulf shrimp which is nice. The rest of the menu is typical fried foods and also some sandwiches like a shrimp po' boy and what I plan to try next time, a shrimp jibarito. Joey's goes the extra mile and has homemade sides, including fresh cut fries, and also five sauces for your shrimp dipping pleasure. I thought these were really nice and similar to Goose Island Shrimp House which is a favorite of mine. Not as heavy breaded as the Goose's that's good and their hot sauce is identical and my favorite of them all. Joey's is now in my fried crustacean rotation, it took me long enough but it was worth the wait and probably better for my heart after four straight years of Smokin' Chokin' & Chowing. See ya next time.

A pound of Jumbo Fried Shrimp from Joey's Shrimp House

Joey's Shrimp House
1432 N. Western ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 772-1400

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