Monday, May 17, 2010

Hog Wild

-Grubbing in Chicago(land)
Where the locals eat.

I am a modern day explorer of all things food related. I've been in and around so many corners and crevices of the Chicagoland landscape to explore and see whats out there. I stumbled upon today's stop when cruising way south down on Pulaski. It looked very worthy of a stop by its appearance, there were a few BBQ pit trailers in back and lots of Pig related decor with the name of the establishment being Hog Wild and all. I made a quick mental note since I wasn't going to be able to stop then and there and made a return visit to Midlothian, where it is, to try the place out a few weeks later.

I gotta stop and try anyplace that's the home of anything

I stopped in here about 3 months ago on a weekend night and the place was popping. Lots of people taking orders to go and plenty of people that called ahead along with families, friends and couple out for dinner. The ordering procedure is painless and really gets you your food at a much faster wait then having waitress' and going through all that. You step in and place your order at the register upon your arrival. You are then seated in the dining room and someone brings your food to your table. Its a large spot so even though there were many people the night I went it was in and out and not a problem. Each table has quite a few bottles of different BBQ sauces for whatever part of the pig you order and the dining space has a nice Northwoods cabin feel to it. Yes they do have other things on the menu but I was there for a pork chop sandwich and that's what I got. My buddy who rolled with me went with a tenderloin sandwich.

Pork Tenderloin sandwich from Hog Wild

It didn't take too long for the chop and tenderloin to be grilled up because within the time it would take they had arrived. Both came with fries and were in the $5-$7 range as I recall. The fries were the average frozen crinkle cut variety but came in handy to taste the sauces with. Even though they call these sandwiches there just pieces of meat served between a couple slices of cheap white bread. In the case of the pork chop, its got a bone so you eat it with a knife and fork. My buddy really liked his tenderloin and I loved my pork chop. If you want the best chop outside downtown then this is where you'll find it. It was grilled to perfection and the medallion filet part melted on my tongue. I couldn't believe how good it was for the price and cant wait to get back. This my friends is one of the finest chops in a city that loves them some pork chops. If you do too then seek this one out.

Hog Wild's Pork Chop Sandwich

Hog Wild
14933 Pulaski Road
Midlothian, IL 60445-3436
(708) 371-9005

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