Monday, June 8, 2009

Buffalo Joe's

-KingT's Wing Fling

Anybody that was born and raised in Chicago or Evanston knows about the wings at Buffalo Joe's. If your a transplanted local or graduated from Northwestern then you know about Buffalo Joe's. As long as you don't spend your time in a 10 mile radius you never leave within downtown then you should know about Buffalo Joe's. It was during the late 90's maybe early 2000's when buffalo wings and chicken wings in general really took off and became a national dish. You can go anywhere in the country and find a place that serves wings in some fashion nowadays. Including here in Chicago where every damn bar has some sort of special wing night and or wings on the menu. Before it became a national dish wings were big in Buffalo, NY and right here in Chicago. Thanks to Buffalo Joe's. Is there anything better than wings on a gameday? they go best with football but work well with everything and can be eaten on any given day or every day.

Buff Joe wangs and Jay Cutler coming soon to a party near you

Buffalo Joe's was serving the people of Evanston with their signature wings way before Buffalo wings became the thing to eat. They currently have three locations including one in Chicago on Howard st. just across the city border from Evanston and another on Clark st. in Evanston near the Northwestern campus and a location on Green Bay rd. also in Evanston. All three locations feature the wings but a few other things vary as far as menu. The most popular location located on Clark. st. is almost always packed and serves beer along with fresh cut waffle fries and char grilled dogs and sausage. Its usually packed with students from Northwestern and has a big screen TV with whatever game is on. However due to the high volume of traffic at the Clark st location the wings are made batch by batch in high volumes, whereas they are made to order at the Howard location and I think come out better. There isn't any time for them to sit so they come hot and crispy.

Suicide wings from Buffalo Joe's on Howard

Some people have been eating at Buff Joe's so long that they remember a different product but most people, myself included think they have been pretty consistent. The sauce has remained the same. The suicide is just the buffalo wings with pickled jalapeno slices added on top giving it more flavor than heat. Other complain that the wings at Joe's are too tiny and I disagree with that too. I actually prefer a small to medium sized wing over the jumbo wings on 'roids. Once a wing gets past it certain size it becomes a little rubbery and doesn't fall off the bone quite as easily. There is a reason they've been doing it this long and it isn't because there the only place in town that serves wings. Check them out.

Buffalo Joe's Howard Street
1849 W Howard St
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 764-7300

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web design said...

This is hands down my favorite spot for wings. I just wish they'd open a location closer to me (near o'hare).

s. stockwell said...

We would love a branch out here in Santa Barbara?


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