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2008 World Series: The Cheesesteak vs The Cuban

Dish me out a combo: Food & Sports

If not for that choke of a squad on the north side I would be doing pretty well right now in my 2008 playoff predictions. It was me who had the Red Sox over the Angels and the Rays handing it to the White Sox. I had the Phillies over the Brew Crew but I also had the Cubs over the Dodgers and thats where shit hit the fan. I should of known better but something in me really made me believe that we had as good a shot as ever...yea right. Once again our hitting was nowhere to be found. Im not going to waste my time writing about the misery and what needs to done but lets just say that Derek Lee in the three hole needs to change now. We need a number three hitter, plain and simple. We dont need to trade Derek but he doesn't belong there and ARam needs to stay in the four slot. Free agent. Trade. Whatever. Get it done!


Tampa might be home to more than just the strip club capitol of the world and good Cuban food soon...world series champs?

Not only did I go 3 for 4 on the first round but I also told you that the Devil Rays (they'll always be that to me) would beat the Red Sox in seven games in the ALCS. Not just that but I told you to keep your eye out for David Price and that the future was now. I bet you know who he is now and your probably with me in my assessment that the "Price is right" This year was a hard one for Cubs fans, we were swept out of the playoffs again and have now lost nine playoff games in a row. Im sick of it and fed up to the point where I wont be in a bummy mood and im not wasting my time crying about a bunch of underachievers. Let me just ask one question. Where the hell was the fire? why did it seem like Cubs players were playing in another series from the long regular season? In a five game series you need to be in a do or die mode from game one and they just weren't into it. They should of known they had to go into game one with a game seven mentality and the pressure they would face in game two if they lost the first one. Maybe next year? ya sure.

I have been a fan of the Rays since they were useless, I spent many a nights at Tropicana in 2000-2001 when I lived down in Tampa and me and buddy's were a few of the 100+ people in the stands. Trust me it was so deserted in the bleachers we shared a few hits of our own here and there and ate Cuban sandwiches when the munchies hit. How times have changed. Big props to the Rays for building a legit ball club in just 11 years. Im a die hard Bulls-Bears-Cubs fan and have no 2nd teams in any of those sports but the Rays are the closest thing to it. I enjoy watching them play. I remember hearing Terry Boers from 670 the score on the radio over summer and he was just trashing the Rays for their trade of Delmon Young for Matt Garza and Jason Bartlett. It was mid June and Garza went on the DL and Boers said something along the line of "boy we know who robbed who in that deal, what a heist job the Twins did to the Rays" Hey Terry how is that trade working out now? Pretty, pretty good...for Tampa. They got ALCS MVP Matt Garza, Jason Bartlett who manager Joe Maddon calls the "glue" and got rid of the headache that was Delmon Young and his selfish/snob antics that came with him.

The Rays...yes the Rays! are four wins away from their first WS title

So in the end we are left with a battle of Philly's Cheesesteak sandwich and Tampa's Cuban sandwich for the 2008 world series. Not the dream world series of the Italian Beef vs. The Lobster Roll that MLB and Cubs/Red Sox fan's had hoped for but still a very entertaining matchup with tons of star power and talent on display that fans of the game will be watching. Ill let Karl Ravech, John Kruk, Steve Phillips and Peter Gammons break down the baseball aspect for you and ill do the food.

Like many places in the U.S each of these team's cities has a popular sandwich and pretty damn authentic versions of each can be found in Chicago. The cheesesteaks at Philly's Best come from two brothers who grew up in Philly and moved to Chicago. They get the meat flown in from Philly and are serious about their cheesesteaks. Most experts agree that these are the best cheesesteaks outside that area in the entire country. I have never been to Philly but I have been eating these since the crew used to chilax over at 1014 Altgeld which seems like years ago and they are da bomb. Notice the cheeze whiz in the picture? they do them authentic. Having lived in Tampa I can tell you that there is a very good and close to authentic Cuban sandwich served at 90 miles Cuban Cafe.

2008 MLB World Series

The Philadelphia Phillies & The Cheesesteak


The Tampa Bay Rays & The Cuban Sandwich

So who is going to win the 2008 world series? Look no further than the food for the answer. As good as cheesesteaks are and the Phillies are good, Cuban's are better and so are the Rays. We all know my favorite sandwich in the world is da beef but the Cuban might be my second. I love the Cubs (its love/hate) and I like the Rays. I expect a very close entertaining series and should of known from the get go that this was the Rays year.

You see it all started back in '03 when the Cubs blew the 3-1 series lead to the Marlins who eventually went on to win it all...the Marlins?!?!?!? for the 2nd time none the less. Then in 2004 it got worse, the Red Sox broke their curse. What happened in 2005? White Sox win. Then in 2006 our arch-rivals the cardinals take one home and the once "cursed" Red Sox win again in 2007. Now who is the only team that could win in 2008 to make it hurt even more for Cubs fans who have now waited 100 years? The once god-awful "Detract (the) Rays" are now four wins away from a world series title in year eleven...ouch.

T's 2008 World Series adjustment
Rays (4) Phillies (3)

For Wikipedias take on the cheesesteak click here...for its take on the Cuban click here.

Having a party for the games? Try making some frita cubanas and or cheesesteak sliders for food.

Frita Cubana Recipe

Slider recipe

Philly's Best (various locations)
907 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 525-7900

90 Miles (Cuban Cafe)
3101 N. Clybourn
Chicago, IL 60618
Closed on Sunday's

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remember when I called a Tampa Cubs world series in June and you laughed at me and said that Tampa was a fluke and would fold before mid August? I bet you won't remember

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The Score is always a great listen if you want to hear extreme bias and negativity all day long.

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